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In the Post-credits scene of Iron Man (film),Nick Fury appears in Stark's home to talk about the Avengers Inititive.

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At the end of the film,General Thaddeus T. Ross is drinking in a bar where Tony Stark appears to talk about the Avengers.

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During the scene where Tony was hungover and talking with Nick Fury,Tony implies that he don't want to join "Fury's boyscouts".Throughout the entire film,Tony's new assisstant Natalie Rushman (really S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Black Widow) was giving a secret report on Iron Man's stance on the team.Tony was deemed unworthy of being a member,but was offered to be a cosultant.

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Captain America,Iron Man,and Thor will team up to defeat Loki and a brainwashed Hulk.Other Members will include Hawkeye,War Machine,Black Widow,and Nick Fury.

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