Film and Spider-Man 2 Edit

Mysterio is a fan favorite to appear in Spider-Man 4 (film).It is said that the dream actor for Mysterio is Rey Mysterio.He appears in Spider-Man 2 (game) changllenging Spider-Man to a test to prove he's a fake.After Spider-Man wins,he feels publicly humiliated.He host a magic show where he reveals himself as Mysterio.As Mysterio,he attempts to take over the Statue of Liberty.When this fails,he escape to his lair.Spider-Man jokes about Mysterio's Lair being an apartment with a hidden bookcase lair.Mysterio manages to escape but he appears a store robbing it.Spider-Man manages to knockout Mysterio with one punch.

Game ExclusiveEdit

Mysterio appears as the main antagonist of Spider-Man:Friend or Foe.He takes over the world with his P.H.A.N.T.O.M.s (which is Symbiote and Holograms).

Trivia Edit

  • If you enter Reflexes,his clown thugs sound like the Lizard's thugs.
  • He is much more of a challenge on the PC and PSP version than he is on the Console version.


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