Nick Fury

Avengers Series Edit

Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) appeared in a post credits scene of Iron Man (film) talking to Tony Stark about the avengers.Due to a unprecedented deal with Marvel,Jackson will appear in nine more films related to the Avengers.His name appears a computer in Incredible Hulk (film).

Fantastic 4 Series Edit

Nick Fury (voice by Andre Ware) appears in Fantastic 4 (game).He resembles his ultimate version in this series.Fury appears after the Fantastic 4 saves the fire truck talking to the president about the Fantastic 4's heroism.After they beat Dr. Doom's Minions,he appears again and arrest them due to the destruction caused.He locks them up at the Vault which they escape.After this Fury apoligizes and ask for help to investigate a hive where Annihilus appears.He is not seen again.

Punisher Series Edit

Nick Fury appears again in Punisher (2005 game).It is unknown who voiced him.In this game,he resembles his mainstream appearance.He appears in the middle of the Grand Nixon Island mission.When they catch up to General Kriegkopf,he and the Punisher decides to have a race to get Kriegkopf.When Fury gets to him,he is knocked out by The Russian.After the Punisher kills The Russian,Kriegkopf,and stops the missile launch,Punisher carries him off the island.

Spider-Man Series Edit

Fury appears in Spider-Man:Friend or Foe.He again resembles his mainstream appearance.He is the one who operates a team of heroes and villians to stop the P.H.A.N.T.O.M.s from invading the world.He is sort of a comic relief due to him and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Database having comical arguements.At one point in the game,The Computer convinces S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that Nick Fury was a Life model decoy that was evil and said that Fury needed a "vacation".

Trivia Edit

  • Nick Fury was the first character to ever appear in multiple fanchises with the two different versions (Ultimate and Mainstream).

Relationships Edit

Iron Man-Associate

Black Widow-Associate

Mr. Fantastic-Associate

Invisible Woman-Associate

Human Torch-Associate




Captain America-Associate


General Kriegkopf-Enemy

The Russian-Enemy

S.H.I.E.L.D. Database-Associate