USERS Green Goblin,New Goblin,Hobgoblin
APPEARANCES Spider-Man (film),Spider-Man 3 (film),Spider-Man 4 (film)
GAMES Spider-Man:The Movie,Spider-Man 3 (game),Spider-Man:Friend or Foe,Spider-Man 4 (game)
The Pumpkin Bomb was first used in Spider-Man (film) by the Green Goblin.There was two versions of the bomb.A standard bomb which explodes and a distintergration bombs.It makes a brief appearance in Spider-Man 2 (film).It appears again in Spider-Man 3 (film) and Spider-Man 4 (film) used by New Goblin and Hobgoblin.The are also different versions of it called Cluster Bomb,Homing Bomb,Homing Cluster Bomb,and Flash Bomb.

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