Spider-Man 4 the Game

Possible Characters Edit

Possible characters that may appear in the game is Black Cat,Hydro-Man,and the Kingpin.Characters that will appear is Spider-Man,Mary Jane Watson,Lizard,Vulture,Vulturess,J. Jonah Jameson,Robbie Robertson,and Betty Brant.Due to the sudden popularity of Symbiotes fans would like Carnage and Venom to appear along with Hobgoblin.

Possible Plot Edit

Fans would want Carnage to be the main antagonist of the film and video game.Carnage would cause trouble to Spider-Man and Venom problems which causes them to team up.Before the climatic battle,Spider-Man tries to help his friend Dr. Connors who had become the Lizard.Peter also deals with the Hobgoblin along with Black Cat.The real plot would include Vulture and Vulturess.

Cancellation Edit

The game was cancelled in January 2010.It was cancelled because it was announced that the Spider-Man series would be rebooted.

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