FOUNDERS Howard Stark
TYPE Manufacturing
APPEARANCES Iron Man (film),Iron Man 2 (film),Iron Man vs. Batman,Marvel Alliance (film)
GAMES Iron Man (game),Incredible Hulk (game),Punisher (2005 game),Iron Man vs. Batman (game),Marvel Alliance (game)
Stark Towers appears in Iron Man (film) and Iron Man 2 (film).It has a logo similar to Lockheed Martin.Instead of appearing in New York like the comics,it appear in Malibu.Stark Towers has a lot of unusual things inside of it like a gigantic Arc Reactor and a enormous statue of Iron Man.The New York branch appears in Iron Man vs. Batman and Marvel Alliance (film) used as a base for the Marvel Alliance.Batman seems to know the layout and secrurity of all Stark Towers due to his fallout with Iron Man.It is said to be 20 stories high from the layout Batman has.It was recently destroyed due to The Gathering's attack on the building.This lead to the Marvel Alliance using the Baxter Building for the rest of film and the sequels.